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Kickstart Your Strategic Transformation

Improve Business Performance with Clear, Actionable Steps. ElevateStart is your gateway to understanding and navigating your business's strategic landscape. This service offers an insightful snapshot of your current position and a draft roadmap for future growth, all at an accessible cost.

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What You Get


Organisational Insight Review

In a focused one-hour session, we dive into your business environment to identify key strategic challenges and opportunities.


Strategy Analysis Report

A targeted report evaluating your strategy against current economic trends, complete with initial recommendations from a seasoned consultant.


Transformation Roadmap

A high-level, strategic roadmap outlining pathways for cost optimisation, revenue growth, and business development.


Risk Landscape Overview

A risk assessment snapshot identifying potential vulnerabilities, key to developing a comprehensive risk management plan.


DYI Strategy Toolkit

Access to templates and tools, including a financial and organisational analysis spreadsheet, a risk register template, and a transformation plan template, empowering you to take the next steps confidently.

Expected Outcomes

Strategic Clarity and Growth Blueprint

A clear direction with identified priorities, setting you on a path to achieving your goals.

Increased Risk Maturity

Understand strategic and operational risks with guidelines for effective mitigation.

A Path Forward (with all the tools you will need)

Continue your transformation journey confidently with our expertly crafted toolkit.

Guaranteed ROI

Expect sustainable financial gains, with a package designed to offer 10x return on your investment.


Remote Efficiency

Conducted entirely remotely, our service respects your time, requiring just two one-hour sessions for personalised engagement.

Expert Guidance

Benefit from the strategic oversight of Ari Magalhaes, a seasoned business transformation specialist, ensuring your strategy and finance goals are met with precision.

The Investment

Contact us to learn about our introductory pricing – a valuable investment for kickstarting your organisation’s transformation journey.

About Me

I'm Ari Magalhaes, your navigator through the complexities of strategic business transformation.


My journey as a Senior Economist and Business Strategist has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, culminating in over $100 million in bottom-line enhancements across the globe.

I thrive on crafting bespoke strategies that improve financial performance, drive innovation, and strengthen risk management. My passion lies in distilling complex concepts into actionable strategies, empowering your business to achieve revenue growth, cost savings, engaged teams, and outstanding customer experiences.


Looking for a More Comprehensive, Hands-On Transformation?


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