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Interim Transformation Executive Services

In times of significant change, businesses require not just a plan, but someone that can help make a difference.
We operate as strategy experts in key roles within your organisation to champion growth and navigate through periods of transformation.

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Key Benefits


Immediate Impact

Experience rapid improvements in your operations and strategic direction. We hit the ground running to make meaningful changes right from the start


Cost-Effective Expertise

Access to top-tier executive skills without the long-term commitment of a full-time hire. Our flexible model provides the high-calibre expertise you need only when you need it


Flexible Engagement Terms

Every organisation's needs are unique. We offer adaptable engagement terms to match your specific situation, whether it's a short-term project or a longer transitional period


Unbiased, Fresh Perspectives

Benefit from objective insights that only an external expert can provide. We bring fresh, impartial perspectives to identify opportunities and solve challenges


Rapid Operational Improvements

We prioritise quick wins and long-term strategies to enhance operational efficiency. Expect to see noticeable performance improvements that align with your business goals


Sustained Growth Trajectory

Our strategies are designed not just for immediate results but for enduring success. We set the stage for continued growth that supports your vision for the future

In a landscape marked by fast change, organisations demand agility and expert guidance.
With our Interim Transformation Executive service, you gain:

Expertise On-Demand

Access to an experienced professional who joins your team to lead strategic overhauls and operational transformation

Strategic Agility

Flexibility to address immediate needs or longer-term goals with a focused, executive approach

Customised Oversight

Hands-on involvement tailored to your company's specific challenges and objectives, ensuring a personalized path to success

Our Process

the Elevate360 Transformation process, which includes 9 stages

The Investment

Contact us to learn more. Our services are designed with ROI in mind, setting the stage for financial improvements that far exceed the initial cost.

Why Choose OmniStrategic?

Local Expertise with Global insight

Leverage our unique blend of local knowledge and international experience.


Boutique Agility

Experience personalised, impactful service that rivals larger consultancies.



Client Empowerment

We provide more than solutions; we empower you with knowledge and tools for lasting success


Proven Results

Our track record in enhancing financial performance ($15 million and counting) speaks to our commitment to deliver.

About Me

I'm Ari Magalhaes, your navigator through the complexities of strategic business transformation.


My journey as a Senior Economist and Business Strategist has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, culminating in over $100 million in bottom-line enhancements across the globe.

I thrive on crafting bespoke strategies that improve financial performance, drive innovation, and strengthen risk management. My passion lies in distilling complex concepts into actionable strategies, empowering your business to achieve revenue growth, cost savings, engaged teams, and outstanding customer experiences.


Ari Magalhaes Managing Director OmniStrategic

Not Ready for a Full-Scale Transformation?

Consider ElevateStart, the ideal starting point for foundational strategic insights and beginning your transformation journey.


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