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Our Client Stories: Transformative Journeys and Successes

Strategic Turnaround for an Aged Care Organisation

The Brief: Faced with financial losses, non-compliance with Aged Care Standards, and high risk exposure, a leading aged care organisation required urgent strategic intervention.

Our Method: Our approach included a comprehensive Business HealthCheck, strategy refresh, and the implementation of a Business Improvement Program focusing on process efficiencies and technology investments.

The Outcome: The engagement resulted in a significant financial turnaround with an improvement of over $2 million and achieved 100% compliance with Aged Care Standards, marking a new stage of improved performance and strategic risk management for the organisation.

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Revamping Asset Management for a Major Utilities Company

The Brief: A large utilities company needed to redevelop their asset management strategy to align it with their corporate strategy, ensuring clarity and measurability. The challenge was to manage a substantial investment of $1,200 million over ten years effectively.

Our Method: Our task was to guide the review of the Asset Management Strategy, focusing on a 10-year horizon. This involved redeveloping the 10-year Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP), which included identifying specific goals related to cost, risk, and performance metrics, such as energy generation capacity and capability.

The Outcome: The new 10-year SAMP we developed was met with significant buy-in due to its clear, measurable outcomes. This clarity allowed the organisation to monitor its performance accurately, reflecting its progress in a transparent manner. As a result, the company secured Board support for an investment of $100 million, laying a solid foundation for achieving its long-term asset management goals.

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