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Mission Focussed: Financial Strategies for NFPs

Crafting a sustainable future for non-profits

Welcome to the intersection of passion and efficiency. In the world of nonprofits, every resource counts.


Our tailored NFP Sustainability Package is designed to maximise your impact while ensuring financial sustainability. Embrace the synergy of cost optimisation and strategic metrics to propel your purpuse forward.


About You

As an Executive of a non profit organisation, you face the pressing challenges of ensuring financial sustainability and navigating complex regulatory environments. You might be responding to the outcomes of a recent Royal Commission in your sector, grappling with emerging ESG matters, dealing with financial struggles, and managing risks to ensure the safety of your customers.

You are:

  • Open to Embracing Change: you recognise the need for evolution and growth.

  • Collaborative Mindset: you value teamwork and active involvement from your team members.

  • Action-Oriented: you're driven to work together to transform strategies into concrete actions.


  • Results-Driven: you seek tangible, measurable outcomes, not just reports.

  • Committed to Transformation: you want to see substantial, lasting changes.

  • Forward-Thinking: you're looking to the future and long-term success.

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How I can help

Ensure Financial Sustainability

Is your not-for-profit organisation working to make sure it has enough money for the future without sacrificing the quality of its services?

We guide you through a thorough check-up of your business and provide financial advice that's crucial for long-term sustainability while making sure your services remain exceptional.

Navigate Regulatory Changes

Are you trying to make your not-for-profit better at handling risks so that you can offer better quality, safety, and satisfaction while also meeting the rules and regulations?

We provide strategies specifically designed for nonprofits to improve how they manage risks. This way, you'll be well-prepared to do your organisation's work effectively.

Strategic Renewal for Mission-Driven Success

Is your not-for-profit organisation looking for a fresh start with a renewed sense of purpose?

We focus on helping you make a bigger impact and stay financially strong. We'll give you practical advice and a refreshed strategy that empowers your organisation to achieve its goals and continue doing its important work.


About Me

As a Non-Profit Risk and Financial Sustainability Specialist, I bring a wealth of international experience to the table, with a history of service in aged care, disabilities, community services, and Aboriginal organisations. I understand the unique financial and operational challenges that non-profits face in today's complex environment.

My expertise is not just in risk management but in securing the financial future of NFP organisations, having spearheaded initiatives that delivered over $100 million in bottom-line improvements.


I am committed to guiding non-profits on a path of sustainable growth, ensuring that financial stewardship goes hand-in-hand with mission-driven success.

"Ari listens to what you think you want and then delivers what you need at a professional level"

Executive Officer at Aged Care Organisation


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