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Business Turnaround Solutions

Charting your Course to Financial Resilience

In times of financial distress, a strategic overhaul isn't just an option—it's a necessity.

This unique service offering is your compass out of the storm. Combining in-depth risk assessment with a pragmatic Business HealthCheck, we lay out a blueprint for your business turnaround. Our approach cuts through complexity to deliver cost optimisation, a more efficient value chain, and a transformative roadmap to sustainable profitability.


About You

As a C-suite executive navigating through a rapidly evolving business landscape, you are faced

with a multitude of challenges. From executing complex strategies swiftly and efficiently to optimising financial performance and driving growth. Alongside this, you must navigate

regulatory changes, embrace emerging ESG requirements, foster innovation, and effectively manage risk. It's a dynamic journey that requires your utmost engagement and expertise.

You are:

  • Open to Embracing Change: you recognise the need for evolution and growth.

  • Collaborative Mindset: you value teamwork and active involvement from your team members.

  • Action-Oriented: you're driven to work together to transform strategies into concrete actions.


  • Results-Driven: you seek tangible, measurable outcomes, not just reports.

  • Committed to Transformation: you want to see substantial, lasting changes.

  • Forward-Thinking: you're looking to the future and long-term success.

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How I can help

Boost Business Performance

Gain a clear understanding of your business performance, identifying areas for improvement. Anticipate actionable opportunities for growth and increased profitability that positively impact your bottom line.

Drive Strategy Execution

I ensure your strategy is tailored to your industry and provide actionable recommendations to boost its execution. Expect concrete improvements in your strategy's effectiveness.

Optimise Financial Performance

Benefit from in-depth financial analysis and customised solutions, aligning your financial performance with your strategic goals.

Navigate Risk with Confidence


Develop effective risk strategies with my guidance and attain a comprehensive understanding of your organisation's risk landscape, allowing you to make decisions with confidence.


About Me

I'm Ari Magalhaes, your navigator through the complexities of strategic business transformation.


My journey as a Senior Economist and Business Strategist has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, culminating in over $100 million in bottom-line enhancements across the globe.

I thrive on crafting bespoke strategies that improve financial performance, drive innovation, and strengthen risk management. My passion lies in distilling complex concepts into actionable strategies, empowering your business to achieve revenue growth, cost savings, engaged teams, and outstanding customer experiences.



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